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1-2. JUUNI 2019
The Political Psyche 

with Andrew Samuels

andrew samuels.jpg

Jungian psychology has taken a noticeable political turn in recent years. Of course, the incredible complexity and broken nature of today’s national and international politics cannot be healed by applications of psychology alone. But maybe there is a role for a fresh focus on social and political problems. These might include (but not be limited to) leadership issues, gender and economic inequality, and the impact of corruption and violence on the emotional lives of citizens. Is there any hope to be found in the political sphere? That will be one of the things the conference as a community will explore.

What Jung wrote in 1946, at the beginning of the Cold War, is true today: “We are living in times of great disruption; political passions are aflame, internal upheavals have brought nations to the brink of chaos … The analyst feels the violence of its impact even in the quiet of the consulting room.”



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